How to Use Preschool Daily Report Templates Properly?

November 01, 2019

Every preschool is made up of the same stakeholders; teachers who have been put in charge of ensuring that the pupils are trained and brought up in the right way, and parents who pay and are interested in how much progress that their children are making per time.

In today’s world, teachers are getting increasingly engaged in their work, and for those who have just so many students, preschool daily reports provide an effective way of communicating how the children are doing with their parents.

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Formats of Preschool Daily Report Templates

Preschool daily report sheets can be regarded as an interactive bond between teachers and parents, which help keep information flow efficient. But this only works when the preschool daily reports templates can be used properly. Here are the tips on how to do it effectively for teacher-parent communication and interaction.

• The Shorthand Format

Just as it is with usual writing, the shorthand format of the preschool daily report helps convey pieces of information in a much shorter, concise version. Here, the teacher makes use of codes and monikers to keep school information easy to understand.

However, the use of this shorthand version could also defeat the purpose of the report as while it makes things easier for the teacher in the long run. But note that, parents may need to spend some time trying to understand the code before they can use the report appropriately. For parents who are just too busy, this might not be the best fit.

• The Multiple-Choice Format

The multiple-choice format definitely deserves its own set of props for being easy to fill out and complete. Options have already been set out, and the teacher only needs to tick them as appropriate, as far as each child is concerned. Apart from the brevity that it provides, convenience and is created, which will go a long way in helping teachers with many students.

However, just like the previous option, the brevity of the multiple-choice format could also potentially be its shortcomings as well. The most significant of these shortcomings is the lack of personal knowledge that it brings between teachers and students. For sections where resolutions are open-ended, the multiple-choice format falls short.

• The Open-Ended, Highly Detailed Format

This type of preschool daily report template is comprehensive, detailed, and it provides an appropriate portion of time and space for answering questions and addressing issues as they should be.

However, sometimes it fails to achieve convenience and brevity. Having to fill out a report that is as detailed and verbose as this will undoubtedly be inconvenient for the teacher, and in the case that one teacher has so many pupils in his or her custody, this could consume a great deal of time.

In addition to the seeming inconvenience that this template could bring, there is also the risk of teachers putting way too much unnecessary information inside such a report. Thus, additional training will be required to ensure that just what is required is put in the report.

• The Balanced Format

This type of preschool daily report sheet effectively reconciles the need for having something that is detailed in expressing information and something that explains information quickly. While a lot of other preschool daily report templates stick to one end of the spectrum and trey to keep things as thus, the balanced template strikes equity between both, thus providing both teachers and parents with the best of both worlds.

Essentially, this preschool report sheet adds an “other” section with other brevity-focused elements, thus ensuring that anyone who wants to add a few comments at every point is more than free to do so.

Preschool Daily Report Templates

CloudBB: All-in-One Tool to Set up Various Preschool Daily Report Templates

CloudBB has proven to be the most effective after-school solutions provider on the Internet today. As can be expected, the product also helps in optimizing your experience with daily reports for preschool as well.

CloudBB is an effective data management and reporting solution that helps keep proper track of a child and his or her progress in class, while also making it easy and more convenient to share this information with the parents themselves.

With CloudBB, you will be able to keep data properly managed, thus ensuring that students and parents will get easy access to the required information when they need them. The product comes with a wide array of features, you can take the childcare management process smoothly on all mobile and desktop platforms, and properly get all school stakeholders involved.

• Attendance Reporting

CoudBB enables you to get detailed information about facilities that are in use as it is possible to record and manage absent records along with detailed notes. Teachers can also upload lesson plans so what topic is covered in class can be exactly seen by whom it may concern.

• Powerful Pickup Reporting

It is easy to generate multi-site reports of pickups. Based on such kinds of reports recording with each driver’s actual pickup task, schools can manage and pay pickup payroll. Parents can view and pay pickup fees based on actual pickup records.

• Easy Daily Activities Reporting to Parents

Reports are not limited to written descriptions. CloudBB empowers to keep parents in the loop with their child’s activities throughout the day by reporting real-time photos, videos and notes that are posted by teachers.

In a word, with CloudBB, you can set up preschool daily report templates conveniently with great customizability. Even, some of the reports can be generated automatically.


When it comes to using the daily report for preschool properly, each preschool may be different. If you also want any tool to help you execute the tips superbly, CloudBB will help you to create the daily report that works the best for you and your preschool parents.

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