Share Daily Activities with Families

Share photos, videos, notes, and daily activities to families.
  • Invite Parents

    Keep parents in the loop with their child’s activities.

  • Add Child

    If the family has multiple children, add all children into CloudBB.

  • Switch School

    Parents can switch schools to view children’s activities.

  • Add Family Members

    Add other family members to share child's daily activities.

  • Daily Activities

    Share daily moments through photos and videos with families.

  • Staff Only

    Some activities need an approval before going out to parents.

Invite parents and other family members to download the BB Parent app to see each child’s best moments. Send parents a unique invitation code generated by CloudBB. Parents will enjoy the flexibility of being able to switch between schools or children in their household, view daily activities of each of their children, and share each child’s moments with other family members.
Parents will appreciate knowing what their child is up to in real-time. Activities like photos, videos, notes, and much more are viewable for parents right on the BB Parent app so they never miss a moment!
Give parents the ability to reach teachers and school staff easily. Using the BB Parent app, parents can send a quick message to teachers and staff directly. Whether it’s reporting an absence or accessing their child’s progress reports, the BB Parent app gives parents greater access to their child’s school life.
Teacher can lock the device to turn it into a parent self-service kiosk on the BB School app, parents and approved caretakers can check students in and out with their unique 6-character PIN and digitally sign off. They can review their child’s attendance in their daily activities log. After a child is check in-out by a parent or approved caretaker, the attendance record updates electronically and is immediately viewable online for parents, teachers, and staff.