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Online Registration
Custom Enrollment Form
We provide an online registration page right off the shelf, and we also can change the default sections and fields to meet your needs. And this feature is charged.
Generate students, parents, families, enrollments, and pickup plans when data entry using online registration page.
Class Listing List classes on online registration page.
Embed Web Registration Form on Your Website
This feature is charged.
Embed web registration form on your website.
Online Parent Registration
Parents can register at anytime and anywhere from a computer or mobile device.
Multi-Child Web Registration Allow parents to enroll multiple children.
Track Enrollment Stage Unify potential enrollments by enrollment stage in one place.
Secure Student Pickup
Create Monthly Pickup Plans
Bulk generate pickup plans for each enrolled student.
Bell Schedules
Specify the end time of regular schools.
Today’s Pickup Tasks
Update today’s pickup task and push the latest lists to drivers.
Monthly Pickup Tasks
Update monthly pickup tasks and assign them to drivers.
Pickup and Check-In on App
Efficiently complete pickups by clicking student names on app.
Reports and Dashboards of Pickups
Analysis detailed pickup status for each driver and student.
Check In-Out
Check in-out students by staff, or mark a student absent.
Live Room Ratios
Track how many students and staff are in each room in real time.
Parent Check-In Kiosk
Parents can check in-out students on your tablet or mobile device with Check In-Out PIN.
Digital Signatures Parents can check in-out students with their digital signatures.
Attendance Reports and Dashboards
We support reports right off the shelf for attendance, total hours, and more.
Custom Invoice Items
Allow to set up invoice item types.
Create invoices for enrolled students.
Clone Invoices
Sync Invoices Syne invoices to your QuickBooks account.
My School
Unlimited Staff and Pickup Drivers
Unlimited Parents and Family Members
Staff Profile and Permissions
Simply assign different permission levels based on what they should see.
Schools and Rooms
Assign a Room to Students and Staff
Bulk Upload Students and Enrollments
Learning Center Homepage
BB School App for iOS and Android
Parent Connect
Invite Parents
Add Multiple Children
Switch School
Add Family Members
View Child’s Daily Activities
View multi-children’s daily activities on BB Parent app.
BB Parent App for iOS and Android
Daily Activities
Photos and Videos
Notes Record notes and more.
Post Daily Activities
Allow parents to share in their children’s day by posting photos, videos, and other types of activities.
Plan Open House
Plan open house/campaigns to improve enrollments volume.
Multiple Enrollment Channels
Create multiple channels to promote campaigns.
Scan and Sign In
Attendees show QR codes, staff scan it to update information.
Create a Manual Campaign Members
Bulk Upload Campaign Members
Mass Email
Staff Solicitation Generate invitation QR codes for each staff member and managers can see how many interested parties were brought in by each staff member and how many new enrollments were acquired.
Invitation Reminders
ROI Analysis Optimize the effectiveness of each campaign and channel by calculating real-time updated data.
Rename Standard Fields and Tabs
Rename standard fields.
Change Page Layouts
Customize page layouts by dragging and dropping.
Create New Applications and Objects
Create new applications and objects to meet your unique needs.

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