All-in-One Solution for After Schools

Run your school or center’s business anywhere and anytime.
  • Manage All Data

    Manage all student, family, enrollment, and pickup plan data.

  • Assign Rooms

    Track where students and staff are signed into.

  • Class Management

    Push classes on your online registration page.

  • Multi-Site Reports

    Reports for pickups, attendances, and more.

  • Staff Permission

    Assign different roles and profiles to staff.

Staff, Students, and Rooms
Assigning rooms to students and staff can be overwhelming task if you manage a large learning center or multiple facilities. Using CloudBB, you can name all your school facilities to manage them. Assign rooms to staff and students. Know where students are located throughout the school day and with whom.
Lesson Plans & Details
Access lesson plans wherever you are. Create lesson plans with focused skill objectives in different topic categories to make sure students are receiving proper educational development. Add lesson plan details by dragging and dropping the lesson name to an available room. Arrange each lesson in rooms with non-conflicting availability times.
Class Schedules Overview
CloudBB gives administrators a detailed view of facilities in use. Everything is transparent from the availability of facilities throughout the day, a list of the students currently in the room, and the teacher assigned to the room. Teachers can upload lesson plans so administrators can see exactly what topics are being covered in class.