Secure and Digital Attendance Tracking

Digitize check in-out process for parents and staff.
  • Student Attendance by Staff

    Check students in-out by staff, track live ratios for every room.

  • Student Attendance by Parents

    Secure student check-ins using unique sign-in PINs and signatures.

  • Student Attendance by Drivers

    Drivers can complete check-in when picking students up.

Student Attendance by Staff
Staff can check student in and out, or mark a student as absent quickly using the BB School app.
Check students in
Check students out
Mark a student as absent
Student Attendance by Parents
Secure, easy digital check-in. No more hassle printing check in-out sheets with illegible parent signatures. As parents drop off their children, teacher can lock the device to turn it into a parent self-service kiosk on the BB School app, check their children in with their unique 6-character PIN, and digitally sign off.
Parent Kiosk
Check In-Out PIN
Student Attendance by Drivers
Using the BB School app, drivers have on-the-go access to review their daily pickup task and the roster of students that require a pickup service for the day. Children with no need for pickup service on a particular day appear grey so the driver can identify them easily. To check-in a child, drivers simply clicks on the child’s name. Drivers will have ability to receive notices of last-minute changes on the BB School app and SMS on their mobile phones. To verify pickup changes, drivers can call school administrators directly from the app. Check-in information is updated in real-time and immediately viewable to parents and school administrators.
Attendance Details
Check in-out students securely. Record and manage absent records along with detailed notes. Track each stuent's total school hours with pickup status and attendance details. Generate invoices for actual pickup services, charges of consumed class hours, and more.