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Top 6 Parent Pick up App List for Secure Childcare

September 13, 2019

As a childcare center owner or administrator, you know just how crazy child care pickup from school can be, especially when you have a considerable number of children in your care. From teachers running up and down with lists to kids screaming, and drivers honking impatiently, it can be real chaos.

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Fortunately, childcare centers are going digital and automating as many processes as they can to make their jobs easier but also more efficient. One of the advances that have come to the childcare system is the use of parent pick up apps. The process of parent pick up is automated, making it easier to manage for the school and more convenient for the parent.

However, as with a lot of niches, there are several parent pick up apps that serve the purpose of child pick up from school. In this article, we'll run through a list of apps for child care pick up from school that will make your job easier.

Parent Pick up App for Secure Childcare

Parent Pick up Apps

CloudBB: Not to toot our own horn but you're here, aren't you? The CloudBB pickup software is more or less the crown jewel of the pickup apps. The app seamlessly connects childcare administrators, drivers (in the case of school buses), and Parents. The entire system is automated so pickup plans can be generated in bulk, and can even be scheduled in advance. Schools can create monthly schedules in advance, and parents and drivers get a notification of that same list so they can plan ahead. In fact, the drivers and parents can also opt-in to get daily pickup tasks schedules and even get notified when it's time for each pickup task by email, now that's convenience at a whole new level.

Top Parent Pick up App

Pik My Kid: Pik My Kid, a parent pick up app, was created by a Tampa dad in Fairfax Virginia, the app can track students with a GPS geo bubble that is customized to each school. The parent can also register on their smartphones to join the network. With it, the school can send alerts about change in pick up times, school emergencies or any other details necessary. It can also be used by parents who have to make changes to their carpool or pickup.

FetchKids:FetchKids help with after school pick up. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive website that allows both the parents and staff at the end-of-day duty to request and communicate the details for every child's pickup in real-time. The system is managed from a website, while the staff at the end of duty detects all the pick-up details by the minute on a mobile or tablet. Plus, the platform has a mobile app so all school staff can communicate with each other using the mobile app.

Quick Pick up: Quick pick up is the child care pick up software that allows parents and the child care center the security and affordability of parent pick up. A parent on their way to pick up their child can just send a notification to the center. Thus, the teacher knows when it's each child's turn to be picked up, and so the child gets home safely. There's also an option for children that are picked up by the school bus. With the School Bus feature, parents are updated in real-time to the exact location of the bus.

Pickup Patrol: This is another dismissal school pick up app for after school activities. With this app, Parents can submit their plans for their children on their smartphone, and daily, a list of any changes in plans are sent to the teachers or staff on pickup duty, who then pass information to the students. Pickup Patrol also generates a list of changes that may be needed for car lines, afterschool activities, and buses so that the staff knows where each child is going.

School Tron: The school Tron app is majorly focused on safety, so each parent has a pick-up ID in the form of a QR code, and when the parents pull up to the pickup area, the staff on pickup duty just scans the ID, and a teacher is notified to release the students from homeroom, and the staff checks the student released against the information in the database.


While a lot of the apps here do quite well as a standalone pick up app, CloudBB with free sign up excels because it's part of a broader range of solutions. It allows information to be integrated from a lot of other sources like the childcare enrollment forms so that you don't have to enter information manually.

Make your job as a childcare center easy and join the CloudBB family today. With our childcare range of solutions, you'll find a system that suits you, easing stress and increasing your efficiency.

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