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What Are After School Pick up Programs and How Do They Work?

July 30, 2019

Picking up the kids from school, as one of the biggest challenges in childcare, is a time-consuming task for some parents, or seems downright impossible to others. Pickup management is equally a trivial task for some child care centers. However, a pickup program might be just what you need.

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What Are After School Pick up Programs?


After school pick up programs are trusted transportation and childcare services that will assist you with synchronizing pickup-info simultaneously between after-school administrators, drivers and parents, which simplifies the after school care pick up process and greatly increases the security.

For those who try out a pickup program for the first time, it might sound like a scary concept. But there is no doubt that no matter which after school pick up program you choose, safety is always a primary concern. In order to provide the parents with additional ease of mind, such companies allow for an easy tracking and status checking of the child's pickup process.

Choose One Right Now!

There are more and more different after school pick up programs available. Upon deciding on one, each parent or child care centre manager must ensure they are adopting the best and safest option. CloudBB is one of the most efficient and reliable choices where parents, drivers and after school administrators can participate, they go above and beyond in making sure that the child gets home safely.

• This helps with ensuring that the parents know who picked up their children and at what time did the process begin. Powerful reports which scientifically analyze detailed pickup status are for each driver and student.

• The application comes with a built-in schedule planner where both parents and school administration can keep track of what is going on.

• It helps to easily create monthly & daily pickup tasks and assign them to drivers, helping to reduce the amount of manual data entry effectively and update, edit, create as well as reproduce pickup tasks flexibly.

• Furthermore, the application can be customized by the parents to match their needs, as well as give them easy access to all the information that they might need while away from their kid. CloudBB with 30-day free trial is an app that not only provides a driving service but also contributes to better childcare management.

How Do the School Pick up Programs Work?

When it comes to running a preschool, operations management can prove to be a difficult task. Keeping track of all your staff, students, occupied rooms, and lessons taking place in them can be an overwhelming duty that needs proper organization and management. This is why programs such as those provided by after school pickup services help make it easier for the administration to keep track of their students and ensure their safety.

By providing easy-to-implement structures such as check in-out services, companies like CloudBB can improve or completely replace outdated methods like the sign-in sheets. Usually, using the mobile device, the driver can still complete the check-ins upon picking up or dropping off students. It instantly becomes easier for the staff to communicate with each other whether children are present or not. Furthermore, when schools sign up for pickup service, a bulk generated pickup plan is created for each enrolled student. This plan follows the student's academic calendar and creates a personalized transportation schedule unique to each child. Flexibility is also considered, as school schedules are often altered on short notice. Such child care provider apps make it possible to arrange and create an updated schedule, allowing for ease of communication between parents, school staff and drivers.

The Final Verdict

You can probably now see how the after school pickup programs will contribute towards the stress-free lifestyle of children, parents and even school administration. Going to school and coming back is a daily activity that should be taken under consideration as it cannot be avoided, especially if the parents have busy schedules. We hope that you can now make an informed decision when choosing a pickup service, regardless of you being a parent or a teacher. After all, ensuring the safety of our children is a responsibility that both parties should take.

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