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Best Free Daycare Software 2019

September 29, 2019

What is daycare software?

The daycare software is the software developed for managing childcare centers, preschools and early learning environments, from learning and development updates to employee management, invoicing, and child portfolios. Daycare software is used by early childhood professionals to track a child’s development, communicate with parents and manage the day-to-day running of activities and the staffs.

CloudBB- Best Free Daycare Software

  • All-in-One Classroom Management Solution
  • Secure Student Pickup System
  • Digital Preschool Classroom Tracking
  • Easy Invoicing & Daily Activities Sharing
  • Powerful Multi-Site Reports
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The daycare software has made it possible to do all these with no need to put in much stress through these aspects:
- Improve parent engagement
- Help save time for everyone
- Further ensure safety and security

How to choose the best free daycare software?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best free daycare software that can improve your daycare management. Here are some useful tips for you on this issue:

- Ease of use: For any daycare software, you have to consider the convenience of navigating through the software features. If childcare management software has essential features that you need but has a confusing interface, you run the risk of purchasing software that your staff will not want to use, therefore reverting to the old ways and that will be a waste of time and money.

Make sure you choose the easy-to-use software that is aligned with your experience on technology. You will end up not getting the value out of expensive software that is hard to operate.

- Purpose: There are many daycare software systems available, with each one targeting a different userbase. Some are meant for parents to monitor their child’s location, while others are meant for the use of daycare centers in managing incoming and outgoing visits. You might want to consider one that is good for daycare daily report.

Make sure you carry out thorough research on which software fulfills your requirement and make a choice based on what you specifically need.

Best Free Daycare Software

- Customizability: Customization is important for a modern-day software user. The daycare software is no exemption to this rule. Make sure that your daycare software choice is the one that allows for great flexibility. A good brand will always put the customer’s needs first and develop a product that will solve your unique problems. It is your right to request for customization, and not a privilege.

- Value for Money: Expensive software doesn’t mean effectiveness. Make sure you go for the one that meets your specific requirements and provide the best value for money. If you find software that will satisfy your needs but exceeds your budget and isn’t worth the investment, then consider the one that best suits your pocket.

3 Best Free Daycare Software

Now that you are aware of the factors to consider when choosing the best daycare software for your use. Here is the top 3 daycare software for mac or any other device.

1. CloudBB

CloudBB daycare management software is one of the best choices for most childcare centers because it provides a comprehensive and safe solution. CloudBB helps you to improve efficiency and increase accountability at your daycare center by staying in connection with parents throughout the day. It is the best daycare management software for childcare centers.

CloudBB Best Free Daycare Software


- Secure Pickup: Parents can see the time when their kids are picked up, and the software helps drivers receive real-time changes to ensure prompt picking up of all assigned students.

- Online registration: The software helps to minimize entry of enrollment and registration data when integrated with the daycare center’s website. It makes it easier for parents to access and fill out the daycare enrollment form.
- Parents Connection: Parents can catch up on their child’s activity and precious moments through the app, and they are aware of their wards daily involvements.
- Check In-Out : Guardians, approved pick-ups, or even parents can complete check-ins while on the way to the daycare center.
- Marketing: This software makes it easy to plan your marketing campaigns accordingly for increased enrollment potential.


- The secure and real-time student pickup system
- Comprehensive afterschool solution filled with useful features that manage classrooms, handle administrative tasks and stay in touch with parents, all without stress
- Customizable platform to meet unique needs
- 30-day free trial with free sign up , brilliant features and an affordable & cost-effective pricing plan

2. EZCare

This childcare tool comes with different functions such as scheduling, billing, enrollment, and parent engagement. It has a parent portal and mobile app to help family engagement. It is especially a piece of good daycare software for mac.


- Registration and enrollment
- Online billing and payment processing
- Payment Portal
- Scheduling and attendance
- Data management, reporting, and accounting


- User-friendly
- Great customer service
- Online payroll, registration, e-payments


- Its add-on features require more payment from users
- Is unstable, especially the reports feature

3. Sandbox

This free daycare software helps users manage their center operations by assisting them in automating functions such as recordkeeping, payment processing, managing attendance, and handling communication with parents.


- Online registration
- Child immunization reminders
- Online payments
- Billing and payment processing
- Automated Billing mode


- User-friendly
- Recordkeeping
- Payment processing
- Communication with parents


- Occasional app freezes and slow speed
- Errors may occur if children share the same name


The days of struggling with keeping track of activities as daycare manager are over. You can now manage operations like scheduling, billing, and recordkeeping effectively. After going through the pros and cons of the different options of daycare software you can choose from, we strongly recommend that you choose CloudBB owing to its comprehensive list of features and benefits it provides for everyone, from the parent, teacher to the driver. It simply makes everything better and easier.

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