Virtual Learning Store
CloudBB customer portal
New customer create customer portal account to manage their family info, register students and pay online.
Family member info Add or edit parent/guardian and students info.
Select online/offline classes
Register different classes for multiple students at one time.
Shopping cart
Add the registered clasess into the shopping carts.
Pay online CloudBB will calculate the discount based on your tuition rate and rules, parents can pay online.
Online Payment
Tuition, fees, and discount
Customizable tuition rates, registration fees, books & materials fees, deposit, coupon, and other discounts.
Real-time electronic payment recording
Real-time electronic payment recording when payment successful.
Seats reserved
When parents paid, the seats will be reserved.
Payment Reminder
Auto email remind parents who have bills need to pay.
Student/Instructor/Parent Attendance
Student attendance tracking
Track student attendance with precision.
Instructor attendance tracking
Track instructor working hours and schedules.
Parent attendance tracking
Track parent duty attendance
Parent check-in/out kiosk Parents can check in-out on tablet or mobile device with check-in/out PIN code.
Digital signatures
Parents can check in-out students with their digital signatures.
Password protect check-in/out
Lock the app in kiosk mode. Enter account password to unlock the screen.
Password protect check-in/out
Reports and dashboards of attendance.
Recommend Points
Share course
Parents and students can share courses with friends to get points
QR code
The shared course can generate a QR code
Family points
Family points earned from sharing courses can be used as tuition fees
School 360
Multiple campus
Family, parent, and student data Big picture of all your data.
Instructor data
Manage your employee in one app.
Data sort and filter
Find exactly data you need.
Custom reports and dashboards
Permissions and roles
Simply assign different permission levels based on what they should see.
Online/Video/Offline Course
Publish courses to registration website
Create new online and offline sections and publish them to your website for parent/student online registration.
Class calendar
Schedule and view class on calendar
Online/Offline courses Push the link to the online courses, and parent/student can login to their portal account and join online classes
Electronic Attendance
Auto checked in/out online classes.
Push the link of the recorded classes to portal, parents/students can replay them.
Summary and homework
Check class comments, summary, and download homeworks.
Parent Connection
CloudBB customer portal
BB Parent App Free app for parents.
Daily Activities (via App)
Parents can view student's daily activities, including photos and videos.
Messages(via App)
Send messages to teacher via BB Parent app.
Class Management
Courses and sections
Create online and offline courses or sections.
Generate daily classes
Generate daily class schedules based on the section defination automatically.
Class rosters
Add enrolled students as class rosters
Total purchased class hours
Check student's total purchased classes or class hours
Attendance and spent class hours
Checked in and re-calculate spent class hours and remaining class hours automatically
Remaining class hours
Create makeup class
Schedule a class only for make ups, or add make up students into the normal scheduled class.
Manually add make-up students
Add students in a scheduled class and mark them as make-up.
Make-up class syllabus
Teacher can check the class syllabus.
Make-up students learning progress
Help you add students who need make up into the right class.
Class summary
Instructor add summary and parent can check them in their portal account.
Assign homework
Instructors publish homework in the system
Homework for students
Parents and students can view or download homework in their portal account.
Upload attachment
Instructors add detailed info as attachment
Download attachement
Students download the homework attachment uploaded by the instructor
Attachment from students
Students submit their homework as attachment.
Due date
Homework should be submitted before due date
Grade Report
Score ratio
The score ratio is based on the course structure
Grade scale
The grade scale is based on the school's regulation
Students and parents can view and download gradebook from customer portal
Instructors can make comments on each grade report
Multiple Channel Billing
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options including Visa, Master, credit/debit card, WeChat pay, and Alipay.
Billing info
Track your leads, and convert them to deals.
Multiple Report
Lead nursing
Track your leads, and convert them to deals.
Campaign ROI analysis
Optimize the effectiveness of each campaign and channel by calculating real-time updated data.
Track enrollment source
Distinguish where the potential students come from.
Capture website visitors to potential students
Capture and save the customers who submitted online enrollment form as your leads.