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Best Daycare Enrollment Forms

November 15, 2019

A simple Google search will provide a plethora of free printable daycare enrollment forms you can use for your own daycare. For example, more and more providers offer free printable daycare enrollment forms that is simple and well laid out, as well as customizable for your needs. But the most effective way is to embrace with the childcare management software like CloudBB that enables you to make your own enrollment form online to better convert and track the leads until they have enrolled.

Best Daycare Enrollment Software

  • Custom Online Registration Form
  • Secure Information Collection
  • Real-time Class Listing Updates
  • Convenient Enrollment Data Entry
  • Easy Enrollment Pipeline Management
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Ideally, you want your enrollment form for daycare to be no longer than one page, strategically laid out, and including the following categories:
• Child Information
• Parent/Guardian Information
• Emergency Contact Information
• Medical Information.
It is also important to review your state's requirement for daycare enrollment forms to ensure you are capturing all of the required information.

Free Printable Daycare Enrollment Forms

If you are looking for ways on how to increase enrollment in daycare, paper enrollment forms have several drawbacks:
• Parents with more than one child have to fill out the same information multiple times, making the enrollment process extremely tedious.
• Paper enrollment forms will have to be mailed to your daycare or dropped off, which may be a hindrance to prospective parents.
• You have to be mindful of how the enrollment forms for daycare will be handled and filed, keeping in your state's guidelines.
• You (or a member of your staff) are still responsible for entering the data into a computer system, costing your daycare time and money.
• It is cumbersome to track where parents are in the enrollment process, so you may miss out on parents who drop out of the process.
• Trying to capture all of the necessary information can create a form that is multiple pages, becoming a barrier for incoming parents.

Best Daycare Enrollment Software

CloudBB: Taking Your Daycare Enrollment Forms Online

Want to easily add value to your parents while simultaneously saving yourself time and money? If you are looking for an easy solution on how to increase daycare enrollment, CloudBB is the solution for you. CloudBB's online daycare enrollment forms remove the barriers parents may feel during the enrollment process.

Parents want an easy enrollment process that can be done quickly and efficiently; moreover, in today's digital world, they are expecting everything to be online. Setting up your daycare enrollment forms online not only meets their expectations but gives you an opportunity to capture all of the necessary information in a streamlined way.

CloudBB offers a variety of features at an extremely affordable price, with a start up fee of just $100, and $1/month per user billed monthly. The online dashboard is user friendly and the forms can be embedded right on your website, keeping incoming parents engaged with your daycare. Similar to the free printable daycare enrollment forms mentioned above, CloudBB's daycare enrollment forms are also completely customizable. You can include as much information as you need here without the form appearing to be too long.

CloudBB's design has really taken into account how to increase daycare enrollment , making it easier for parents to:
• Enroll multiple children on the same form
• See all of your class offerings in one place
• Conveniently register their children at any time or place
• Read and agree to all of your policies and agreements in one place, instead of having to sort through multiple pages of information.

Moving your daycare enrollment forms online with CloudBB gives you the opportunity to spend more time engaging with parents and children instead of manually entering demographic information into an outdated system. Having the ability to easily track new parents and returning parents allows you to customize your messaging and offerings to each family in your daycare. Continually delighting parents with an easy enrollment process and great service will have them coming back year after year.


As a daycare provider, one of your biggest business challenges is to figure out how to increase your daycare enrollment. One easy step you can do today is automating your enrollment process with CloudBB. CloudBB provides an effective way to set up the best daycare enrollment forms so you can focus more on providing great service to parents and children. Don’t hesitate to have a try!

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