Truly Automate Invoicing and Billing

Create and manage invoices with custom items. Minimize data entry by reproducing invoice plans.
  • Custom Invoice Items

    Create personalized items and choose a rate.

  • Set Up New Invoice

    Add desired items and assign invoices to students.

  • Clone Invoices

    One click to clone invoices for next month.

  • Sync to QuickBooks

    Sync your CloudBB invoices to Quickbooks.

Invoice Items
Create personalized items and tailor your invoice to specific schedules. With flexible options, you can choose between rates based off of hourly and daily attendance, pickups per day, or base it off of a fixed monthly rate.
Fixed Monthly Rate
Hourly Attendance
Daily Attendance
Smart Invoicing
Set up your new invoice, add desired items within minutes, or add discount and subsidy options to include in your invoice as well. Select individual or groups of students to specific invoices. CloudBB will automatically calculate the invoice total.
Clone Invoices
Eliminate the need to recreate invoices from scratch for repeated billing cycles. Reproduce invoices by selecting your desired invoice and adjusting the service and due dates. Then, simply use the clone function to bulk generate next month’s invoices.
Sync CloudBB invoices to QuickBooks
CloudBB integrates with QuickBooks. Sync your CloudBB invoices to QuickBooks to send payments online and receive your payment status. Never miss another payment using CloudBB.